Primary Wing



The Primary School from Nursery to Classes V is a state of the art delight with a serene and condusive learning atmosphere that provides holistic development.

The curriculum is carefully crafted so as to provide every child a path to excel.The technology integrated Smart Learn Boards ensure the learning edge.The professional learning system KG Pro for the pre primary classes is an innovative and creative pedagogy that is immensely successful in grafting a strong foundation. The Computer Labs, Arts Studio, Indoor Amphitheatre and Sports Room along with Music and Dance Rooms are yet another added feature of the school.The Library is yet another storehouse of exploration/resource.

The Play Zones and outdoor manicured grounds inspire outdoor activities to the full. The competent and caring faculty initiates the learning process by providing a synthesis of creativity and enthusiasm.

The CCTV surveillance and LCD projector add to the security and safety of the school. Further the medical health plan covering each child is a unique feature of the school. The school provides a sheltered and vibrant synergy that derives the best for all students.