Today RPS is a beacon of light. Aspiration, imagination, creation and realization of dreams , this is the way our proud alumni think.

The quality of simplicity, honesty, and wit reflected in the eyes of millimeter of the Three Idiots was the epitome of fine matured acting reminiscent of Raj Kapoor in his socialist movies or Charlie Chaplin in his characteristic performances .The school is proud that Rahul who is well known for the impact he has made as character artist in Indian Commercial Cinema. Rahul has not only limitize himself as millimeter of 3 idiots but has also etched a mark in the memory of the audience by his brilliant performance in Omkara and Blue Umbrella.

Producer Aamir Khan who has been accredited for more than two nominations in the Oscar’s has appreciated Rahul’s acting.

The smile that lits up the eyes of Rahul has also lit up the advertisements of big groups like Aditya Birla group and IPL. RPS family is indeed proud of Rahul.

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