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The saga of 39 glorious years is infact the history of Herculean efforts made by the Rotarians of Rotary Club Gurgaon, R.I. Distt 3011. The odyssey began in 1981 when there was no senior secondary school in the great city of Guru Dronacharya . The need of the hour was felt by the Rotarians of the Rotary Club Gurgaon. With a vision to impart quality education to the greatest number, a Rotary Service Trust was formed comprising of the members of Rotary Club Gurgaon . These men of genius, with confidence in God, joined heads and hands together and wove the threads of their project. Their devoted action plans multiplied million folds and built the fabric “Rotary Public School”, Gurgaon.The educational experiences have been satisfying but the zealous Rotarians set themselves stiff goals.

Mission Statement

Reaching out to the unreached is the mission so that no deserving child is deprived of right to quality education.


At Rotary Public school, Gurugram, we believe in igniting this fire in the minds of students- the fire that will keep them aspiring for more knowledge. Our school motto “Forward Ever” is truly depicted by our spirited efforts to nurture, train and guide young learners onto a progressive quest of innovating and evolving themselves as they grow.

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