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Chairman's Message

Chairman's message

Almost everyone who has made a mark in life has achieved success by excelling in learning and studies. There are no shortcuts to success. Very often how well you fare in academically decides how far you will go in life. Excel in your studies and the doors of opportunities will open for you. We at Rotary Public School, Gurgaon are here to help you, to empower yourself so that you can rise as high as you want to.

We have undertaken the task of creating worthy citizens with a sense of purpose and direction by exploring every facet of education holistically that enables even the disadvantaged and marginalized to be a part of mainstream education system. But nothing can be achieved without the sincere efforts of the Teachers and Parents who are the backbone of the institution.

Let’s all pledge that together we will take the Rotary Public School Gurgaon to newer heights.

Dr. Sushil Khurana
Dr. Sushil Khurana - Chairman