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Principal's Message

Principal's message

Dear Parents,

At Rotary Public school, Gurugram, we believe in igniting this fire in the minds of students- the fire that will keep them aspiring for more knowledge. Our school motto “Forward Ever” is truly depicted by our spirited efforts to nurture, train and guide young learners onto a progressive quest of innovating and evolving themselves as they grow.

We strive to build young leaders showing empathy, patience, dignity and above all humanity, upholding the core values and skills of a global citizen.

We value the role of home --school partnership in shaping and nurturing the lives of our students. Our journey together is a continuous process of learning and growing. Together we strive to achieve our mission “Education For All”.

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”
-- Sydney J. Harris

Ms. Sandeepa Rai
Principal RPS

Dr. Amita Saxena - Principal RPS