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  • Primary Wing Testimonials, 2020

  • Your way of teaching is very passionate and sweet. Never seen you pressurizing a kid to let him learn and ask parents as well to do same. You always remain calm and polite, appreciate kids and parents efforts. Your way of telling stories and playing games in classes is marvelous and quite unique through which child learns quickly. You listen to parent's concern and suggest them in time of need.
    Mr. Gaurav Sharma
    F/ o- Divit LKG
  • Ma'am ....the way of teaching is effective.... whatever Raghav learns in zoom session he never forgets... children are having little problem in 3 letter words but practice makes a man perfect.....they will learn .... everything is good.
    Mr. Pinkesh Singh
    F/o– Raghav LKG
  • You are very supportive and understanding while your classes, your smiles and way of treating kids really encourages them to attend the class. I must say, your way of teaching can become an example for other teachers who are taking on line classes. I really appreciate your patience and behavior with students.
    Thank you
    Ms. Shaista Parveen
    M/o– Maryam I
  • Thank you to all the teachers for their continuous effort and support in this crucial time.From day 1,the teachers have been regularly in touch through calls and WhatsApp. Thank you for your love and care. Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers of RPS.
    Ms. Soma Chakraborty
    M/o–Jhanvi I
  • Thanks to all the teachers of my daughter for providing such an acknowledgeable education. I'm really satisfied with these online classes as you teachers are putting very good efforts so that students can do well in their studies.
    Ms. Ruchi Gandhi
    M/o -Kunjal Gandhi I
  • The school may have found a teacher in you, but our child found a hero in you. Thanks.
    Mr. Ranjan Gupta
    F/o – Aadiv III
  • Teachers like you are one in a million! Thank you so much!
    Mr. Deepak Kaushik
    F/o– Yihana III
  • Mam...Online classes are very good. All teachers are doing a very good job. Students understand the things easily. All things are very clear.A good experience for all of us. A big Thank you to all of you for showing lots of patience.
    Ms. Anju Singh
    M/o - Viara Singh IV
  • We really enjoy the online classes. All the teachers aredoing a good job. They are putting in a lot of effort to make the lectures and assignments easy. Students enjoy the class and have a great new experience. Thank you to all the teachers.
    Mr. Vinay Sharma
    F/o - Mishita Sharma IV
  • These online classes have helped students a lot in this time of pandemic. Teachers are also doing a great job. Work of students is being checked on regular basis by the teachers. As a conclusion, both teachers and school management have done a great job by providing these online classes for students.
    Mr. Vikas Goel
    F/o - Kaustubh Goel IV
  • Respected Teachers You are doing wonderful things to sharpen knowledge of our children by using new technologies. We are really thankful to all teachers and school supporting staff who are involved to provide their best efforts to give online classes to our children. For these efforts I am totally amazed and have no words to encourage you all.
    Mr. Anand Kumar Singh
    F/o - Akash SinghV
  • The teachers are putting in their best efforts to teach children. They are completely understanding the concepts in the online classes. We thank you all for your kind cooperation and support.
    Ms. Pratima Singh
    M/oTarun V
  • “Your words are the sparks that light up our children’s future. Thank you.”
    Mr. Avesh Agarwal
    F/oAnsh Agarwal V

  • Dear Ma'am, In this unprecedented pandemic, life has changed significantly online studies was a new struggle for students, teachers and parents. The teacher’s role is most active and must have been a struggle for u all, I guess. I am immensely grateful for you are communicating with me regularly regardingSaksham's attendance and his progress.
    Dear Ma’am thank you so much for the cooperation and guidance
  • Thank you Ma'am for your support and love that you shower even when you are not physically around. Respected ma'am, this message is to express my gratitude towards you, the school authority, teachers and all staff of RPS for wonderfully executing the online classes and putting our children back to their study track. I truly appreciates all you have done to help our children to be successful in school and in life.” Some parents are really irresponsible towards their kid’s studies. I hope they understand and will interact with the authorities. I also thank the principal for doing such a great job.
    Aadhira Bunny IX C
  • In this hour when the world is down with pandemic, the contribution of you teachers is beyond words to express. Putting full effort in making our children understand the subject although it was very tiring for children, but, it would be equally exhaustive for you teachers.
    You people have proved to the world why the teacher community is above all professions.
    Thank you so much for your endless support and effort in shaping up the careers of our children.
    I am personally indebted to each one of you at Rotary Public School.
    Gurvinder Pal Singh
    F/O Jaskaran Singh X-B
  • Dear Madam, I realize that teaching is an often a thankless job, and we see how you pour your heart and soul into daily lessons. Your passion for your students is inspiring to us as parents. Don’t think that because you don’t hear the words ‘thank you’ every day that we are not grateful for you.
    Our respect and admiration for you as our daughter’s (Dipasha) teacher cannot be expressed in words. You have a tangible effect on the lives of the students in your class, and they will remember you for many years to come. Thank you for creating a space for our children to be themselves, and for being a positive example in their lives.
    You have done a wonderful job during thelast six months in very odd situations and I hope you will continue the same. I appreciate your entire school team for creating a great atmosphere for online studies in a very short time. I know that this is not an easy task to move from classroom to online.
    Once again I thank you and entire School teacher’s team.
    Mahipal Singh F/O DIPASHA SINGH X B
  • We parents of Kanishka are very happy with the hard work of teachers. You all are seriously working very hard to teach our ward even in this critical time of pandemic. The services you are providing are really appreciable, the effort that you all are making towards our ward, we really respect them. You are giving your best in all aspects. We are very much satisfied with the staff and with school too. The way you respond to the queries of our ward is very much quick and is very much valuable to us pleasemaintain the same. We don’t have any problem regarding the online classes and want to thank all the teachers that you all cooperate very much with a new student in yourschool. Thank you so much.
    Parents of Kanishka XI D
  • Online classes are good all teachers’ efforts are involved in this and it deserves heart felt appreciation. I am happy with the online classes and all teachers are doing their jobs.
    Beautifully and in this period of time I think this is the best way of studying at home. It’s very comfortable too.
    No doubt that we miss offline classes but online classes are also good.
    Thank you
    Mother of Sadiya Khan XI G
  • Sir/Ma’am Thanks a lot for your unconditional support.
    In the beginning of this pandemic we were really worried about our daughter’sstudies, even we can’t imagine how teachers will be able to deal with thissituation.However now we are fully satisfied with the way teachers are teaching, supportingand guiding in these online classes.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sanjay Shrivastava
    (Father of SakshiShrivastava)
    Class XII A
  • Thank you so much Sir and Madam for your extraordinary online teachingsupport during this pandemic time. I really appreciate your all efforts, patience, method of teaching and concern for all students.
    Thanks a lot
    Preeti Sharma
    (Mother of GaurikaVasishtha ,12th A)
  • As a mother I am very much happy and satisfied with all the teachers and school behavior. In this epidemic all the teachers are doing wonderful job andare always available for students. My daughter Khanak can talk to teachers any time and all teachers give their time to clear my daughter’s doubts. I feel many changes in my daughter she is more sincere and very much serious about her studies. And I know it's all about the teachers efforts......so thank u all teachers. You all are doing really really great job.
    Teachers are doing hard work during online class. It is safe and secure for children. They are learning good thing during the covid pandemic. Online classes keep students busy. A big thank you to all teachers for all the timely updates and good care of students.
    Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. Theteacher is the heart of educational system.
    Mother of Avni VI C
  • Dear Ma'am,
    Good evening!
    Happy Teacher's Day!
    I would like to thank every teacher, who has been my Daughter's guiding force during the lockdown. We know it has challenging for each one of us, but teachers have been our lockdown mentors. They have supported my Daughter throughout and helped my Daughter cope up with online classes and tests. Please convey our Family wishes to all your other TEACHERS on this Special Day!
  • Respected teacher, Namaste, the country and the world is going through an epidemic and in such a situation, you are paying attention to the education system of children at their level in a very good way, your work is appreciated. We can understand it is a difficult task for the children and also for you, it is a challenging chapter for you and all the teachers.
    We sincerely thank the teachers, we pray to God that this phase of the epidemic ends soon and wish all the children a bright future.
    F/o. Kavya Hans 6th C
  • Dear sir, Thank you so much for the efforts made by you during on-going online classes . You are always supportive and encouraging during the sessions which help children keep engaged. All classes are being held regularly and are very interactive. We thank you, other staff members and all the senior management of school for being so helpful during this pandemic.
    VII D