Rtn. Dilip Grover, President Rotary Club Gurgaon, took an initiative with his team of Rotarians in association with WRI India to hold a workshop on “Making Gurgaon a Smarter City”. It was held on 12th November at Rotary public School, Sector- 22, Gurgaon. Mr. Depinder Dingh Dhesi, IAS, Chief Secretary, Government of Haryana was the Chief Guest and Mr. Ram Niwas , IAS, Home Secretary, Government of Haryana was the Guest of Honour. Smart citizens make smart city. Before getting GDA designed and implemented, we being citizens need to catch the attention of the concerned authorities towards the problems Gurugram is facing in present. Mr. Depinder Dingh Dhesi, IAS, Chief Secretary, Government of Haryana was concerned about in making Gurugram a Counter Magnet power. He also said that retrofitting needs intervention which is a big hurdle in quick development. Mr. Ram Niwas , IAS, Home Secretary, Government of Haryana was the Guest of Honour emphasized more on a very challenging issue of Recycling. Gurugram is a commercial hub so it should be a holistic city. A Metropolitan city doesn’t require temporary cosmetic changes. Mr. Suresh, Commissioner of Gurgaon, urged everybody to mobilize the resources  and efficient Private Public Projects  to come up to meet hands with the Government by keeping the view of complex urban infrastructure. Dr. S. Y. Quraishi, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India, presented that how just by changing our few habits and with the usage of recycled water we can solve our maximum tasks except drinking. He also advised to increase the usage of recycled water in our day to day activities except drinking. He suggested the concerned dignitaries to identify the stake holders and bring them on one platform to get optimum with their vision and action. Mr. Pradeep Yadav, President and Founder of HITEC Gurgaon, Solid Waste Management, put forward that there should be standard policies to recycle the E Waste. Mr. Prabhat demonstrated that mobility is a big matter of concern for silicon city of Haryana, Gurgaon. We need to use maximum public transport to get rid of Jam and good for the ecosystem. Ms. Kalpana, on Women Safety advocated that for the safety purpose we need to organize the last mile connectivity. She also added that quality of Public life can only create safety. Active streets, lighting, mobility, bus service, walk paths, visibility, security, gender diversity and openers are helpful in making a city safe for everybody. Dr. Subramanian, Rotary District Governor, Gurgaon uttered that Corruption is seen as the biggest barriers to improving health.  Availability, Access and Affordability is required in every situation we deal with and it can only prevent any problem. We should have a mechanism to handle any condition of patients. He also recommended that for a healthy society we need Rationalism, awareness of prevention, Early Diagnose, complete treatment, follow up, low cost interventions and Safe drinking water. Mr. Sandeep Khirwar, IPS, Police Commissioner, Gurgaon, assured that for the safety and all the tasks concerned with the Police department will not lead to disappointment. The workshop was lively and full of important discussions. Mr. Umashankar, deputed as OSD requested for the feedback as he is curious to get the solutions from the citizens only to take some remedial and fruitful steps to make Gurugram a Smart City.