The vision, mission and values represent our collective passion, dreams and aspirations and guide us in how we work with our students, parents and community to realise our full potential.
We seek to develop the whole child by providing students with meaningful and connected learning experiences. With a focus on ‘Connecting to Learn, Collaborating to Achieve’, we have made significant progress and enhancements in our approach, programmes and school outcomes.The management is unwavering in its resolve to provide a happy, stimulating environment wherein each deserving child is given the right to education and the platform to discover himself. We have undertaken the task of creating worthy citizens with a sense of purpose and direction by exploring every facet of education holistically that enables even the disadvantaged & marginalized to be a productive part of the mainstream education system.

As we continue our journey towards excellence, it is my hope and desire that each of us will be a gift and contribution to others. It is when we truly empower ourselves that we can transform our future.

C.P. Gauba